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Indie Gala January Bundle – First of four games announced: Deadly Premonition

So Indie Gala has just revealed one of four games which is Deadly Premonition and people can get it (if they pay more than current average that is) right now.

Honestly, even if you don’t think other games are good enough to bite on bundle right now, I’d go for this now! Deadly Premonition is really amazing game, it’s very cheesy and “B-rated” game, it feels and plays like Playstation 2 game at best but it’s also REALLY fun. Shame I already bought my own copy on Steam Christmas sale, so I don’t need extra copy but it’s still fantastic additional to decent bundle.

This is a chance for you if you always wanted to try the game out, but wasn’t sure on idea of paying full price for it. 


The Indie Gala January

Right now, over at Indie Gala (Think Humble Bundle, but different people), you can pay $3.99 $5+ for the following lot (of course, if you donate more that’d be cool for charity and such) at this time of post:

  • Ravensword: Shadowlands
  • Gravity Badgers
  • Tales Of Maj’Eyal
  • Ballpoint Univers Infinite
  • Two Brothers
  • Laxius Force Not on Steam yet
  • Millennium – A New Hope Not on Steam yet


Also there’ll be four more Steam games to come – which ones is unknown at time – but not too bad considering I liked the look of Ravensword, Ballpoint Universe Infinite and Two Brothers.

EDIT: $3.99 promotion is over, you’ll need to pay $5+ if you want the extra games.