The Indie Gala January

Right now, over at Indie Gala (Think Humble Bundle, but different people), you can pay $3.99 $5+ for the following lot (of course, if you donate more that’d be cool for charity and such) at this time of post:

  • Ravensword: Shadowlands
  • Gravity Badgers
  • Tales Of Maj’Eyal
  • Ballpoint Univers Infinite
  • Two Brothers
  • Laxius Force Not on Steam yet
  • Millennium – A New Hope Not on Steam yet

Also there’ll be four more Steam games to come – which ones is unknown at time – but not too bad considering I liked the look of Ravensword, Ballpoint Universe Infinite and Two Brothers.

EDIT: $3.99 promotion is over, you’ll need to pay $5+ if you want the extra games.


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