Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Sorry it’s been while since my last entry, been busy playing games… and achievement hunting too, I guess I got back into that. I’m using TrueAchievements (screenname: SevenFisher) so if anyone happens to want to see my progress, feel free to visit my TrueAchievements page.

In meantime past few days I’ve been playing Dangaronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which came out on Friday and I’ve been playing one or two chapter a day. It’s really good, it was one of these random things I’d pick up on Tumblr and decided to check it on internet… and noticed that it was coming out this year, so I had to pre-order it.

I’m glad I picked it up. While I think I prefer the choices and branching paths of Virtue Last Reward and the trials in Phoenix Wright, I honestly think it’s bloody good. Anyone with PSVita should own it, if you like the games such as Virtue Last Reward.

I’m on Chapter 5 at the moment and I’m really interested to see what happens next!

Other game related things: I’ve been playing Fable Anniversary, The Walking Dead Season 1 (re-play, this time on 360), Sonic Transformed (both PC and 360) and I’m thinking about starting Bioshock 2 on PC again this time on Hard difficulty once I’ve beaten all GPs on Expert on PC version of Transformed.


Games I’m looking forward to in early 2014

Bear in mind this isn’t complete list, as I still have no idea what will be released this year, so anything with no date isn’t probably listed. It’s going to be small list, and I just fancy sharing what I’m planning to pick up on day one, and other games I’d like to get.

I’ve preordered the following games:Image
Generally, I am looking forward to Fable: Anniversary, remake of original Fable (and also my favourite Xbox game back in day) – would be nice to see Xbox 360 to have some life as I’ve not been using it for while due to PC/PS3 being better for my tastes. Tumblr has made me curious about Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, so I went ahead and checked it out on Wikipedia… and it sounds like game I’d really want to play, and noticed that it’ll have UK release this year so I felt it was good time to pre-order it. Ys: Memories of Celceta mainly because I’ve begun to love Ys games (I’ve been playing Ys Origins for 50-odd hours this month, Ys I 20-odd and few extra hours on PC version of Oath of Felghana… which I’m also playing through on my PSVita ) and more Ys is always good thing. Final Fantasy X & X-2 Remaster mainly for Final Fantasy X – it’s my (second) favourite Final Fantasy game. Finally, Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright… well when I saw the reveal for Japanese version, I fell in love with its art style and I loved first Layton (not played rest yet despite having them… I’ll get that sorted out in bit) and Phoenix Wright so I’m glad it has UK release at last!

And I would like to get the following games (which is released in 2013, or games that will release in 2014, but not getting them on Day One):

The Last Of Us (PS3)
Tearaway (PSVita)
Batman: Arkham Origins (PC)
Broken Age (PC)
Broken Sword (PC – new one)
Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze (Wii U – I want to finish original on 3DS first though)
LEGO Movie (Wii U)

That’s all I can think of right now… While 2013 was good year for games, my health wasn’t great so I’m looking forward to gaming properly this year! So much to look forward to.

Resident Evil 4: HD Edition to feature subtitles?

While it’s not new information that Resident Evil 4: HD Edition will be released at end of February at  £14.99 price, it’s still worth to mention – especially as this is good news for deaf gamers.

On the store page,Image

You can see the subtitles section being ticked – and the last bit in Key Features:

This new PC version will include everything from the prior iterations including subtitle support in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish as well as previously released bonus content such as the Separate Ways epilogue.

So does this mean we’ll be able to have full subtitles for Resident Evil 4? While it may mean the radio calls (they were subtitled in original versions), it does seem to make point that it’ll feature full subtitles. Will keep my eye on this, at least!

Indie Gala January Bundle – First of four games announced: Deadly Premonition

So Indie Gala has just revealed one of four games which is Deadly Premonition and people can get it (if they pay more than current average that is) right now.

Honestly, even if you don’t think other games are good enough to bite on bundle right now, I’d go for this now! Deadly Premonition is really amazing game, it’s very cheesy and “B-rated” game, it feels and plays like Playstation 2 game at best but it’s also REALLY fun. Shame I already bought my own copy on Steam Christmas sale, so I don’t need extra copy but it’s still fantastic additional to decent bundle.

This is a chance for you if you always wanted to try the game out, but wasn’t sure on idea of paying full price for it. 

Estranged Act 1 – My opinions

Okay, I’ve just completed the game, here’s what I posted on Steam itself on the game:

When I saw the screenshots, I was hoping it’d be one of these adventure games where you don’t shoot your way to end, but rather taking your time exploration and stuff like that.

Only for me to be little mislead… well you don’t really gun your way out until later on in game, and it doesn’t really last long (nor hard, it’s fairly easy as you play it carefully) but the starting is really good in eerie way, and the graphics are pretty great.

For deaf gamers, you’ll be glad it has closed captions, but then again this is Half Life 2 mod and Half Life 2 games has been amazing for those who are deaf / hard of hearing.

Overall, if I’d have to be bluntly honest, it’s nothing too special but personally as it was free, and I had fun of three hours (two play throughs, one natural another achievements) and the story (from what there is anyway) seems pretty decent, although I’d assume Act II is when it’ll shine.

So yeah, if you happen to enjoy adventure games with little amount of gunplay and mainly exploration/the story, give it a try at least. It’s free, so it’s not hurting your wallet anyway.

Estranged (Act I) – Free Half Life 2 Mod


Just noticed this game is released on Steam, apparently it was on GreenLight but somehow I missed it. It’s basically free Half Life 2 mod, and from what I gather, it’s basically adventure games so I’ve given it a download; may post my impressions later on. In meantime here’s full information from store page:

Estranged tells the story of a lone fisherman, whose ship is stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm.

Explore the rich environments and meet the curious inhabitants of the island as you find a way back to the mainland. Face both danger and intrigue in this perilous adventure, where you will soon find that not everything is as normal as it seems.

And here’s the trailer (although it does seem to have some spoilers, watch at your own risk)

I’ve been always wanting more adventure games that focuses on exploration/story so this looks like good game for that.

Random words from Deaf gamer from Scotland about games. Woo.